Safeguarding our young players is one of the most important aspects the committee has to consider. Everyone in the club has a responsibility to safeguard and protect young people. This policy regarding communication between players and WHC representatives should be followed at all times. Failure to follow the policy could result in disciplinary action


· When communicating with young people it is recommended that you: –

· contact players only when necessary – if players need to be contacted urgently i.e. a change in training arrangement, set up a ‘grapevine’ system

· copy parents into written communication (i.e. letters or emails)

· speak with a player and their parents if there is a need to communicate information in relation to playing, training or competition

· follow the club’s policy on communication detailed below, including social media with young people and their parents / carers.

· You should avoid: –

· contacting a young person unnecessarily – contacting young people by phone, text or email should NEVER be undertaken without parental consent.

· emailing young people directly as individuals (can be done as part of a disclosed list, once permission gained to do so).

· using text as a medium of contact with a young person individually

· making or receiving calls on a mobile phone during training or at competition (coach). It is inappropriate to compromise the safety of a session.

· emailing one young person without copying in parents, other players or club members –

· allowing any young person to be part of your personal social networking sites.

Wycombe hockey club will follow all recommendation from EH for any person under 18 years of age. No-one should contact a player via text, phone or email without prior consent of parents and even then parents are to be copied into all communications.

All communications should be in the first instance face to face and if this is not possible by telephone conversation. When face to face conversations occur there should also be a second party present to witness the conversation.

When calling the representative from WHC should first talk to the parent to explain the nature of the call and then to ask if they wish to advise their son/ daughter of the conversation or the WHC representative.

All Non Verbal communications should be sent to the player and copied to parents once consent has been obtained from the parents to communicate directly with junior. If no consent has been obtained all communications for any person U18 years of age should go direct to the parents.

Members of the club who hold of position of responsibility should avoid connection on social media with u18’s. This includes, but not limited to facebook, linkedIn.

Any teams using ‘Whats App’ should obtain consent from parents to add any U18 to the group. The group admin will monitor the content of the chat to ensure its of an appropriate nature. There will be NO conversation/ chats regarding player selection or performance.