Chair:Karen McKinnon[email protected]
Vice-Chair:Alex Noall[email protected]
Club Secretary:Dawn Midwinter[email protected]
Club Treasurer:Maeve Aalen[email protected]
Membership Secretary:Helen Newcombe[email protected]
Head of Ladies’ Section:Jane Clarke[email protected]
Head of Men’s Section:David Stone(use contact form to send your query)
Girls’ Junior Section:Stephanie Ayres[email protected]
Boys’ Junior Section:[email protected]
Minis Section:Karlien Pieterse[email protected]
Welfare Officer:Mike McPhillips[email protected]
Covid Officer:Mike McPhillips[email protected]
Communications:Su Konganda[email protected]
Umpire Director:(use contact form to send your query)
Systems Admin:Matt Aalen[email protected]

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