All club officials and volunteers accepting positions of responsibility within Wycombe Hockey Club are encouraged to work to high standards and adopt recognised best practice where possible.  In addition to their own standards of practice, coaches/team managers/officials should be aware of and adopt Wycombe Hockey Club’s own:


  • Codes of conduct for club officials and volunteers

  • Child protection guidelines

  • Equity policy statement

  • Privacy statement

  • Safety guidelines.

    The club will ensure that its coaches/team managers/officials have a copy of each policy and guidance note that is relevant to their work.  The club will listen and respond to matters that the coaches/team managers/officials bring to its attention in relation to their work and will support, where practicable, their training needs.


Reimbursements of Costs

The Club cannot function effectively without the continued support of volunteers, including those prepared to coach players and to umpire games.  The Club is prepared to contribute to the cost of appropriate courses subject to prior approval from the Management Committee.  Volunteers attending such courses would be expected to commit to provide their services on a regular basis for at least two seasons.  The application of this policy is ultimately at the discretion of the Management Committee.