Wycombe Umpire Development Sessions

We are glad that you are interested in becoming a Wycombe Hockey Umpire! It is a great way to be part of the sport, and support the development of players to be the best version of themselves.

Here are your next steps…

  1. Go to England Hockey’s Online Training Hub to test your umpiring knowledge. You will need to register to access content 
  1. Learn the rules and check your knowledge with England Hockey’s (EH) online exam Rules of Hockey 

Tell us all about it

Once you have passed EH’s online exam, send us an email to Umpire Development to let us know that you intend to enrol for EH’s Umpire Level 1 course.


This course is designed for anyone who is going to be umpiring the 11-a-side game and is delivered fully online.

You will need to complete the Online rules test before attending.

The course is made up of 4 modules:

• The game from a players’ perspective

• The role of the umpire

• Player management

• Preparation and planning the next steps

Once attended the course you will receive your Level 1 (Unassessed) Umpires Certificate

Event prerequisites: Attendees must be at least 14 years old

Price: £30.00 (Wycombe Hockey Club will reimburse on presentation of Level 1 certificate)

Click here to book your online course England Hockey’s Online Training Hub

You have passed and are now a EH Level 1 Umpire (unassessed)! What next?

Send us your EH level 1 Umpire certificate and we will register you as a Wycombe Hockey Club Umpire.

Apart from joining our umpiring family and further developing your officiating skills, if you are a WHC player (juniors or seniors) or have a child that plays for Wycombe Hockey Club, by umpiring matches, you or your child can offset match fees through umpiring credits!

For the non-player, we will pay £10 for every match you umpire.

Things that you will need

  • A bright yellow or green umpire shirt
  • Red/yellow/green hockey umpire cards
  • Fox 40 referee whistle
  • Your availability to umpire matches
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