Safety Equipment

WHC take player safety seriously. The wearing or shin pads and gum shields is recommended for all adult members and compulsory for all junior members. The Club also strongly recommends all players wear face masks, where the rules of hockey allow, for defending penalty corners. However, responsibility for wearing appropriate safety equipment is the sole responsibility of players and in the case of juniors, their parents.


• The club recommends that all junior players, up to and including the Under 18 age group, should consider buying a face mask to wear for defending short corners.
• The club strongly recommends that all juniors who are playing senior hockey purchase their own face mask before defending penalty corners in adult matches.
• For junior matches up to Under 14s, Managers/Coaches may provide face masks where they assess the risk at particular events to make wearing face masks
necessary. The club recommends that Under 10, Under 12 and Under 14 players acquire their own face mask if they are keen to defend penalty corners. At all times it remains the responsibility of junior players’ parents to equip their children appropriately.

The club takes no responsibility for any failure of a club mask or masks not being available at certain matches. All club masks, purchased by the club, remain the property of the club. Managers/coaches of junior teams might not allow children to play if they are not wearing the appropriate safety equipment.

Download in pdf format: Safety Equipment – March 2020