After the huge success of our first ever Heroes programme in the autumn of 2019 we’re busy planning our next course which we hope to run in autumn 2021! Check back here for more info. 

Hockey Heroes is a fun and welcoming programme aimed at children aged 5-8 that aims to develop both their physical and character ‘superpowers’, unlocking the hero inside them!

More specifically, Hockey Heroes is a 6 week hockey programme aimed at beginners that not only focuses on helping children develop some physical hockey superpowers such as dribbling, passing and goal scoring, but also places as much emphasis on character development superpowers including teamwork, communication, perseverance and respect.  Our aim is for children to have lots of fun, experience lots of success, and feel like a hero!  This will boost their confidence, and ensure a positive experience of physical activity and sport that will have a beneficial effect in the rest of their life.

Wycombe Hockey Club will be offering a 6-week programme starting on Saturday 21st September. The cost is £32 per child which includes a Hockey Heroes equipment pack delivered to your child at home for them to keep! This will contain two plastic hockey sticks (one for your child and one for a friend, sibling or you to play too), a ball, a personalised t-shirt and stickers to customise the sticks.

For further information and booking, please visit the dedicated booking site