The Croxson Trophy competition between Wycombe and Marlow was created in memory of the two Croxson brothers who played hockey for both Wycombe and Marlow but who both died while still young.  The format, aggregate goals over all matches, was designed to ensure that lower eleven games, where higher scores were more likely, would play an important part.  So it proved this year when Wycombe’s aggregate margin of three goals could be attributed to a hat trick from Darren Monteiro in the 4th XI game.

Players still move between the two clubs but it’s gratifying that although the tide of players recently has been largely towards Marlow we still came out on top – without having to claim a 5-0 for Marlow’s inability to raise a Strollers side to play our 6th XI.  (I don’t think the rules would have allowed that.)

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