Selection of players into teams is very difficult as junior players can develop very quickly and may move up a couple of teams in a season.  Playing in summer league games enables the Captains/Team Managers and Playing Section Manager to try to determine in which teams players should start in September. The Captains/Team Managers and Playing Section Manager will meet regularly during the first few months of the season and look to move players around.  Ideally each team will have a squad of 15 players which should prevent players moving between teams on a weekly basis due to non-availability.

Selection to the higher teams will also consider attendance to training and availability. The 1st and 2nd team are expected to train 3 out of 4 sessions as a minimum and be available every week. Players who have jobs that prevent this will have an exception to this policy.

Once juniors turn 13 they are able to play for the adult teams. They will be invited to join the adult training sessions where deemed appropriate and come along to the lowest team’s matches. The summer leagues also provide juniors new to adult hockey an opportunity to have a go at senior hockey before the winter league starts.