Wycombe Hockey Club launches Umpiring Taster Sessions

For those who are looking to help the club through umpiring, we will be running Umpire Taster Sessions this year

If you are interested in umpiring but are unsure what it entails, the taster sessions are designed for anyone (juniors, seniors and non playing members) looking to learn what it takes to become a Level 1 certified umpire, before you sign on to England Hockey’s Online Umpiring Course.

Join us on:

Tuesday 09th November 2021

7.45pm – 9pm

Wycombe High School

(Please bring a whistle and dress appropriately for the weather as the session is outdoors)

What do I need to do next?


Umpiring Taster Session Registration Form 

If you are going to join our taster session on Tuesday 09 November 2021, we ask each participant to download the FIH Rules of Hockey 2021 document and come prepared with the following points:


  • Read rules 6-14 and pick out what you think the most important sub rules are (example 13.6(a) or 14.5, etc) – Remember there are no right or wrong answers but everyone needs to have an opinion for the session
  • t

  • Memorise umpiring signals on pages 49-50 (or click on signals.jpg (612×792) (bp.blogspot.com) for graphic representation)
  • t

  • Have any question ready if you don’t understand the rules when you read them

So what’s in it for me?

Sunshine at  WHSGood question,,,we know that you are passionate about hockey as you are still reading this… 

You get to become a valuable member of our family by helping out with umpiring duties (when you are available of course, we do understand that you have other commitments!)

Moreover, if you are a WHC player (juniors or seniors) or have a child that plays for Wycombe Hockey Club, by umpiring matches, you or your child can offset match fees through umpiring credits!

For the non-player, we will pay £10 for every match you umpire.

Want to know more about what it takes to umpire, go to England Hockey’s Online Training Hub or email: [email protected] for more details

    Made up your mind to be an Umpire?

    Get going…we need you! Your first step now is to register for England Hockey’s Umpire Level 1 course


    England Hockey




    This course is designed for anyone who is going to be umpiring the 11-a-side game and is delivered fully online.

    You will need to complete the Online rules test before attending.

    The course is made up of 4 modules:

    • The game from a players’ perspective

    • The role of the umpire

    • Player management

    • Preparation and planning the next steps

    Once attended the course you will receive your Level 1 (Unassessed) Umpires Certificate

    Event prerequisites: Attendees must be at least 14 years old

    Price: £30.00 (Wycombe Hockey Club will reimburse on presentation of Level 1 certificate)

    Click here to book your online course England Hockey’s Online Training Hub

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