England Hockey and Government legislation mandate that the club must be fully compliant before the start of the season. Heidi and Marco are the welfare officers for WHC. If you are involved or intend to be part of the junior set up please ensure that you work with our welfare officers to ensure you are approved. The actual two processes are online and take approx 40 mins total to complete. I speak from experience. I have asked all main committee members to also complete the approvals. All costs can be refunded by the club.

The EH web address to read about the policy is http://www.englandhockey.co.uk/page.asp?section=1168.


WHC Committee have a legal responsibility to police and ensure full compliance. Please help support the club by ensuring you are fully approved before the start of the league season. For those who are approved please check that your approval has not lapsed. Prior school DBS approvals are not valid under England Hockey policy.

Any question about your status please contact Heidi or Marco.


Thank you

WHC committee 

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